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Aim[edit source | hide | hide all]

  • To gather the level 1 and max stats of all photos in the game.
  • To gather all photos in the game.
  • Ensure both the Photos page and the character page have the same stats.
  • Add skills and appeal names to all character pages.
  • Side project: In the course of uploading photo images, tag the file with:

Members[edit source | hide]

Sign your username with 3 tildes (not 4, timestamp not needed) to join.

Photo stats[edit source | hide]

Always screenshot or write down your level 1 photo stats. The max stats will always be in your photo binder, but the level 1 will not. This includes dress up level 1 stats.

Rerolling will probably play a big part in this, as we can reroll for all the cards in the special outing. However, this does not get us the dress up level 1 stats. We'll have to use a reroll account to dress up the card we need.

Photo Images[edit source | hide]

Example Photo to upload

For the photo images, take a screenshot of the photo with the rarity on it. Ensure that you follow the following guidelines when uploading a photo image:

  • Upload high quality images, in a .png file!
  • Photo images should use the format "Ichigo Hoshimiya_r1.png" and "Ichigo Hoshimiya_r1_d.png". Where the "r1" is the rarity and the number of photos of that rarity and "_d" indicates if it's dressed up. So, for a 3rd SR photo of a character you would put "Name_sr3.png".

To-do list[edit source | hide]

Propose new tasks on the talk page.

  • Upload all normal photos
  • Finish all normal photo stats
  • Upload all rare photos
  • Finish all rare photo stats
  • Upload all super rare photos
  • Finish all super rare photo stats
  • Upload all premium rare photos
  • Finish all premium rare photo stats
  • Add brand category to Photos for SR/PR photos