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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Video game reviews/data/doc

local reviewers = {
	{'[[]]', '1UP'},
	{'[[Adventure Gamers]]', 'AdvGamers'},
	{'[[AllGame]]', 'Allgame'},
	{"[[Amstrad Action|''Amstrad Action'']]", 'AAction'},
	{"[[Amtix!|''Amtix!'']]", 'Amtix'},
	{"[[Computer Gaming World|''CGW'']]", 'CWG'},
	{"[[Computer and Video Games|''CVG'']]", 'CVG'},
	{"[[Crash (magazine)|''Crash'']]", 'CRASH'},
	{"[[Destructoid|''Destructoid'']]", 'Destruct'},
	{"[[Dragon (magazine)|''Dragon'']]", 'Dragon'},
	{"[[Edge (magazine)|''Edge'']]", 'Edge'},
	{"[[Electronic Gaming Monthly|''EGM'']]", 'EGM'},
	{'[[Eurogamer]]', 'EuroG'},
	{"[[Famitsu|''Famitsu'']]", 'Fam'},
	{'[[G4 (TV channel)|G4]]', 'G4'},
	{"[[GameFan|''GameFan'']]", 'GameFan'},
	{"[[Game Informer|''Game Informer'']]", 'GI'},
	{"[[GamePro|''GamePro'']]", 'GamePro'},
	{'[[Game Revolution]]', 'GameRev'},
	{"[[GamesMaster|''GamesMaster'']]", 'GMaster'},
	{'[[GameSpot]]', 'GSpot'},
	{'[[GameSpy]]', 'GSpy'},
	{'[[GamesRadar]]', 'GRadar'},
	{"[[GamesTM|''GamesTM'']]", 'GTM'},
	{'[[GameTrailers]]', 'GT'},
	{'[[GameZone]]', 'GameZone'},
	{'[[Giant Bomb]]', 'GB'},
	{"[[Hyper (magazine)|''Hyper'']]", 'Hyper'},
	{'[[IGN]]', 'IGN'},
	{'[[Joystiq]]', 'Joystiq'},
	{"[[Maximum PC|''Maximum PC'']]", 'MaxPC'},
	{"[[NGC Magazine|''N64 Magazine'']]", 'N64'},
	{"[[NGC Magazine|''NGC Magazine'']]", 'NGC'},
	{"[[Nintendo Gamer|''NGamer'']]", 'NG'},
	{'[[Nintendo Life]]', 'NLife'},
	{"[[Nintendo Power|''Nintendo Power'']]", 'NP'},
	{'Nintendo World Report', 'NWR'},
	{"[[Official Nintendo Magazine|''ONM'']]", 'ONM'},
	{"[[Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine|''OPM'' (US)]]", 'OPM'},
	{"[[PlayStation Official Magazine|''OPM'' (UK)]]", 'OPMUK'},
	{"[[Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia)|''OPM'' (AU)]]", 'OPMAU'},
	{"[[Official Xbox Magazine|''OXM'']]", 'OXM'},
	{"[[Official Xbox Magazine|''OXM'' (UK)]]", 'OXMUK'},
	{'[[PALGN]]', 'PALGN'},
	{"[[PC Format|''PC Format'']]", 'PCF'},
	{"[[PC Gamer|''PC Gamer'' (UK)]]", 'PCGUK'},
	{"[[PC Gamer|''PC Gamer'' (US)]]", 'PCGUS'},
	{"[[PC PowerPlay|''PC PowerPlay'']]", 'PCPP'},
	{"[[PC Zone|''PC Zone'']]", 'PCZone'},
	{"[[Play (UK magazine)|''Play'']]", 'Play'},
	{'[[Polygon (website)|Polygon]]', 'Poly'},
	{"[[PlayStation: The Official Magazine|''PSM'']]", 'PSM'},
	{"[[PSM3|''PSM3'']]", 'PSM3'},
	{'[[RPGamer]]', 'RPG'},
	{"[[Sinclair User|''Sinclair User'']]", 'SUser'},
	{'[[TeamXbox]]', 'TX'},
	{'[[]]', 'VG'},
	{"[[X-Play|''X-Play'']]", 'XPlay'},
	{"[[Your Sinclair|''Your Sinclair'']]", 'YSinclair'},

local aggregators = {

local systems = {
	{'[[Nintendo 3DS|3DS]]','3DS'},
	{'[[Atari 2600]]','A2600'},
	{'[[Nintendo DS|DS]]','DS'},
	{'[[Game Boy]]','GB'},
	{'[[Game Boy Advance|GBA]]','GBA'},
	{'[[Game Boy Color|GBC]]','GBC'},
	{'[[List of video game consoles|General]]','GEN'},
	{'[[Atari Lynx]]','LYNX'},	
	{'[[Sega Genesis|Mega Drive]]','SMD'},	
	{'[[Mobile phones|mobile]]','MOB'},
	{'[[N-Gage (device)|N-Gage]]','N-G'},
	{'[[Nintendo 64|N64]]','N64'},
	{'[[Nintendo Entertainment System|NES]]','NES'},
	{'[[Personal Computer|PC]]','PC'},
	{'[[PlayStation 2|PS2]]','PS2'},
	{'[[PlayStation 3|PS3]]','PS3'},
	{'[[PlayStation 4|PS4]]','PS4'},
	{'[[PlayStation Portable|PSP]]','PSP'},
	{'[[Sega Game Gear|SGG]]','SGG'},
	{'[[Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES]]','SNES'},
	{'[[Master System]]','SMS'},
	{'[[Sega Saturn|Saturn]]','SSAT'},
	{'[[Nvidia Shield|Shield]]','NSHI'},	
	{'[[PlayStation Vita|PS Vita]]','VITA'},
	{'[[Xbox (console)|Xbox]]','XBOX'},
	{'[[Wii U]]','WIIU'},	
	{'[[Xbox 360]]','X360'},
	{'[[Xbox One]]','XONE'},

local function setupSortkeys(t)
	local retval = {}
	for k,v in ipairs(t) do
		retval[v[2]] = { name = v[1], sortkey = k }
	return retval

return {
	reviewers = setupSortkeys(reviewers),
	aggregators = setupSortkeys(aggregators),
	systems = setupSortkeys(systems),
	i18n = {
		wrapper = 'Template:Video game reviews',
		emptyCategory = '[[Category:Empty templates on articles]]',
		multiplatformCategory = '[[Category:Articles using Video game reviews template in multiple platform mode]]',
		singleplatformCategory = '[[Category:Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode]]',
		aggregateScores = 'Aggregate scores',
		aggregator = 'Aggregator',
		award = 'Award',
		awards = 'Awards',
		na = 'N/A',
		publication = 'Publication',
		reception = 'Reception',
		reviewScores = 'Review scores',
		score = 'Score',
	argi18n = {
		-- For non-English wikis, add translations of argument keys here.
		-- Example:
		-- subtitle = 'untertitel'