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[edit] Template-info.svg Template documentation
This is the template documentation page for {{!!}}.
It is not intended to be viewed directly. If it uses variables, some links may appear broken. Do not replace these variables with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This is an auxiliary template that allows one to encode "||" (two pipes or vertical bars) within template parameters. If it is unnecessary to get a "||", it is better to use "||". However the "||" delimiter for a Wiki table has to be escaped by a template if it is used within a template.

Notes[edit source | hide]

There is usually no such problem with "!!" (exclamation marks). This problem only affects "||" (vertical bars) in conjunction with the m:Help:Parameter default mechanism within tables. However, in table rows starting with "!" there can be problems with "!!" being interpreted as a cell separator. Try replacing it with "!!".

This template cannot be substituted.

Parameters[edit source | hide]

Escapes double pipe characters within template parameters

Template parameters

No parameters specified

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