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☆彡.。.:*・☆彡.。.:*・☆彡.。.:*・☆彡 Sei ☆彡.。.:*・☆彡.。.:*・☆彡.。.:*・☆彡

Welcome to my userpage. I created this wiki in the hopes that we can make a comprehensive and up to date resource for information about Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! all in one place.

I'm actually not very good with wiki code, but I'll do my best to keep information up to date and quality high. Of course it's not something I'll be able to do alone, so I'm grateful to anyone who lends a hand helping out! However, please read our Guidelines before making any edits, to ensure consistency throughout the site.

If you'd like to reach me for any reason, I am on reddit as /u/yaycupcake and Twitter as @XinChun93. You can also reach me on our Discord Chat, where my username is Sei.

My favorite Aikatsu! characters are Shion, Seira, Miyabi, Akari, Yurika, Ran, Mikuru, Otome, Juri, Madoka, and Rin, but I really like all the characters.