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February 9, 2016[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The campaign now has two new goals at 750k and 1M users.

  • 750k Users: The making of a Photokatsu original illustration book
  • 1M Users: Original photo drawn by character designer Hiroko Yaguchi

Startdash750k.png Startdash1mill.png

February 3, 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

The campaign has hit 500k users!


February 1, 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

The campaign has hit 400k users!

400k Start Dash Campaign Twitter Announcement.png

January 28, 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

The campaign has hit 300k users!

Start Dash Campaign 300k.jpg

January 27, 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

An update on January 27 reveals more to be added to the campaign as well as details on numbers required:

  • 50k Users: 4x (R) Johnny Bepp (1 per attribute), Original LINE Wallpaper with Sumire Hikami and Yurika Todo
  • 100k Users: (SR) Nono Daichi, (SR) Risa Shirakaba, New Stories for Nono Daichi, Risa Shirakaba, 4x (SR) Johnny Bepp (1 per attribute)
  • 200k Users: 10x Normal Stars
  • 300k Users: 4x (SR) "Shinka no Akashi" (1 per attribute), (SR) "Dress Up Ticket"
  • 400k Users: (PR) Aoi Kiriya
  • 500k Users: (PR) "Masquerade (Hime and Miya)"

START DASH download campaign details.jpeg

January 19, 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

According to the number of downloads for Photo on Stage!!, the following will be given away:

  • LoLi GoThiC wallpaper with Yurika and Sumire
  • "4 Symbols of Progress" (SR)
  • Original Storyline for Nono and Risa
  • Aoi PR Card
START DASH Download Campaign.jpeg