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This is the song list in the game.

Daily Songs[edit | hide | edit source]

Daily songs have different drops depending on the day, which differ from normal song drops. These drops can be used to dress up and train your photos. As of April 27, 2016 there are no more separate daily songs. Instead all songs that have the same attribute as the daily song drops will be considered daily songs. This means that on Monday, all Icon cute.png Cute songs available will drop Icon cute.png Cute dress up materials, on Fridays all songs will drop Happy Jewels, and on Johnny Bepp days (Saturday/Sunday), the attribute of the song you play will drop the same attribute Johnny Bepp (i.e. Icon cute.png Cute songs will drop Icon cute.png Cute Johnny Bepp.)

Day Songs Song Drops
Monday All Icon cute.png Cute songs Icon cute.png Cute dress up materials
Tuesday All Icon cool.png Cool songs Icon cool.png Cool dress up materials
Wednesday All Icon sexy.png Sexy songs Icon sexy.png Sexy dress up materials
Thursday All Icon pop.png Pop songs Icon pop.png Pop dress up materials
Friday All songs Happy Jewels (Trade for Heart points)
Saturday All songs Johnny Bepp (Photo EXP)
Sunday All songs Johnny Bepp (Photo EXP)

Past Daily Song Rotations[edit | hide | edit source]

Previously, daily songs were separate from the normal version. They had the same beatmap as the normal version, but had separate clear rewards, and all difficulties were unlocked by default.

These are the previous daily songs and the dates they were available.

Song Name Attribute Day
Calendar Girl Icon cute.png Cute Monday
Signalize! Icon cool.png Cool Tuesday
Trap of Love Icon sexy.png Sexy Wednesday
Hokago Ponytail Icon pop.png Pop Thursday
Du-Du-Wa DO IT!! Icon cute.png Cute Friday
Trap of Love Icon sexy.png Sexy Saturday
Calendar Girl Icon cute.png Cute
Signalize! Icon cool.png Cool Sunday
Hokago Ponytail Icon pop.png Pop

Song Name Attribute Day
SHINING LINE* Icon cute.png Cute Monday
KIRA☆Power Icon cool.png Cool Tuesday
Yakusoku Carat Icon sexy.png Sexy Wednesday
Good morning my dream Icon pop.png Pop Thursday
lucky train! Icon sexy.png Sexy Friday
Passion flower Icon sexy.png Sexy Saturday
Idol Katsudo! Icon cute.png Cute
Glass Doll Icon cool.png Cool Sunday
Koisuru Mitai na Caramelize Icon pop.png Pop

Song Name Attribute Day
START DASH SENSATION Icon cute.png Cute Monday
Prism Spiral Icon cool.png Cool Tuesday
Hirari/Hitori/Kirari Icon sexy.png Sexy Wednesday
Magical Time Icon pop.png Pop Thursday
Tutu Ballerina Icon sexy.png Sexy Friday
Precious Icon sexy.png Sexy Saturday
ORIGINAL STAR☆彡 Icon cute.png Cute
MY SHOW TIME! Icon cool.png Cool Sunday
Diamond Happy Icon pop.png Pop

Event Songs[edit | hide | edit source]

Song Name Attribute Event Name Event Period
Pretty Pretty Icon cute.png Cute Alice☆Festival 4/21 - 04/27/2016
Hello New World Icon cute.png Cute Himitsu no Ochakai 4/11 - 04/19/2016
Onegai Venus Icon cool.png Cool Onegai Venus!! 3/31 - 4/08/2016
Dramatic Girl Icon cute.png Cute Soleil & Luminas Live! 3/22 - 03/29/2016
Lovely☆Bomb Icon sexy.png Sexy Haru Mankai☆Ohanami Daisakusen 3/10 - 3/16/2016
Usubeni Day Tripper Icon sexy.png Sexy Hanasaku☆Hinamatsuri 2/29 - 3/08/2016
Sentimental Berry Icon pop.png Pop Bikkuri Pop'n Day☆ 2/19 - 2/26/2016
Shin Chocolate Jiken Icon pop.png Pop Chokotto Seicho ☆ ChocoPop Tantei! 2/08 - 2/17/2016
Chameleon Talk★ Icon cool.png Cool Fukkatsu! 2wingS 1/28- 2/05/2016
Yume no Reception Icon cute.png Cute Aikatsu! New Year 12/28- 1/06/2017
Tokimeki Matador∞ Icon sexy.png Sexy Thanks☆Chocolat 1/31- 2/08/2017

Token event songs are played with the event tokens gathered through playing normal songs, and do not consume stamina.

  • In Version 1.3.0, it will consumes Stamina as Memories Scenario Mode.