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Welcome to my userpage, my name is Rikki. I have gotten addicted to rhythm games, which is why I'm here. ;) Love Live is currently my main joy, but maybe hopefully PoS will join it.

I am an admin for this wiki, and know a tiny bit about wikis in general since I have a habit of vigorously updating and prettifying wiki's, especially for games I play. See: Hello Kitty Online wiki and Hello Pro Tap Live wiki. So I hope to do a lot here!

My favorite girls are Sumire, Mizuki, and Yurika. I'll probably gain more though!

We have 147 articles and 644 files on the wiki with 0 active contributors!

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  • Cute Score UP! - Increases score from Cute panels by 11%
  • Cute Aura UP! - Aura of Cute type members increase by 30%
  • Cute plus Appeal! - Adds 76 pts to appeal bar for every Cute panel
  • Cute Change - Changes every panel to Cute for 10 seconds
  • Aura plus Appeal! - 232% of your aura adds to your appeal pts.
  • All Aura UP! - Increases aura of all members by 16%
  • All Score UP! - Increases score of all panels by 2.5%
  • パネルストレングス (Panel Strength) - Boosts tap scores for a certain amount of time by 19%
  • Heart Fulltime - For 10 seconds, you get heart points for every panel

To Do List